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    Hi sir I am a regular reader and through this i have learnt alot from your news letters.i am a cameroonian trainer and i wish to ask you some few questions.
    i am to start my physical preparations with my team and for now i am recruiting players,which physical test do u advise me to carry out after one week of work with the new players before they join the rest of the team. In cameroon some soccer players do no train after the end of season.they only came for recruitment into teams.
    secondly which other test can i use to make working group in my team.

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      Many tests can be done. depends in what specifically u are looking for. Speed? endurance? Power? You should actually do a test for each of the fitness components. Try 30 meter sprint for speed, 12 minute run for endurance, standing jump for power, and T-test or Illinois Test for agility. These are by far the simplest tests to conduct and are well known.

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    Dear JC,
    With regards to your reply to ERNEST AGBOR AKO’s question,
    should all this test be conducted in one training session?


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