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    Since this is a conditioning newsletter, I would love to see an article or set of stretches and such to get players warm-upped for practices and games. I played during the static stretching era and am not very comfortable with dynamic stretching.

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    Juan Ramos

    Would like to learn more about conditioning with the ball. Most drills that I have seen have a high work to rest ratio and therefore are of limited use. Thank you.

    Juan Ramos

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    Pat Pawlowski

    I coach, soccer, sprints, and weight lifting. I never use static stretching except in the case of injury rehab and then it is PNF.

    My preference is skill specific light warm up, then athletic specific warm up, range of motion. practice and range of motion during cool down. As an example yesterday with U13 girls soccer players we started with 1 person dribbling of standard moves for a few minutes and quickly went to 2 person weave with a ball across the field and back. We quickly moved to sprinter warm ups (a speed development day) where we did a variety of skips moving into 5 full on 20m sprints. We finished the warm up with a few A and B marches for range of motion then went into quick ball touches and 1 v 1, 2 v 1, 2 v2, 3 v 3. After a set of 3 v 3 short small games we ended with easy skips and deep squats with heels down, archers and walking twists. We do not have injuries, have range of motion appropriate to the game, improve speed at 100% effort when we are warm but not tired and get in touches and conditioning with small sided games. We finish with a light cool down that includes full range of motion via A & B marches and a couple stretches.

    I use the same protocals but some different exercises for various age groups and sports. Only with weight lifting do I use less ballistic stretching as the muscles are tightened after lifting and range of motion must be worked subtly.

    A coach, former national class lifter and fair sprinter.

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    Scott Moody

    Here is a blog post from several months ago, where I give my opinion on published research on Soccer Endurance and Youth Players. I attached a short video at the end of the post to give an example of some fitness we do with a ball that blends passing, agility, reactive repositioning and fitness.

    If this is what the members of this site are looking for I would be more than happy to provide a review of current research. This post was simply meant address the idea that all coaches (and players) get burnt out at some point, and when I reach that point, I look to sites like this to get some ideas.


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