Speed Endurance and Ball Control

By Alex Trukan

The exercise is focused on improving speed endurance and ball control. Enhancing speed endurance by increasing the capacity of phosphate energy system will enable the players to make explosive actions even in the final parts of the match. This practice can be done with various number of players and modifications. It is also convenient to use half circle as an area to work in.

Set up and directions

The exercise is set up as shown below. Half of the players is positioned outside the grid with one ball each, while the second half is inside the area. Inside players show up to receive the ball, play one-touch back (can be modified) and sprint in the opposite direction over 5 meters. That should be done with maximal effort. Players repeat this action every 10 seconds. After 6-10 repetitions, players should rest actively (juggling/slow pace ball manipulation etc. ) for 4-6 mins. The exercise should contain 2-4 sets. Afterwards, outside players should swap positions with inside players.


Delivery of the ball should be varied. It can be both ground and aerial. Outside players can challenge inside players by changing the pace, direction and type of delivery. As a technical content, the exercise can also contain heading.


Progression 1 – Upon receiving the ball, players turn, dribble and pass to another outside player who is available.


To increase competiveness, award points for the first player to find free outside player/player who makes the most actions.



This exercise should include 6-10 repetitions done in 2-4 sets. Player should have 10 seconds rest (active) between repetitions and 4-6 min. between sets.


  • Split inside players into two teams who compete against each other (which team will get more points).
  • Include 1-2 defenders inside the area
  • Set man marking for each player (full/half pressure)

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest

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