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Overloads and Underloads Game

By Alex Trukan

This is a great game focused on improving multiple physical attributes including aerobic and anaerobic power (high intensity efforts and recovery time between them). Apart from that it forces players to adapt to different overload and underload situations. From the technical point of view, it includes a variety of 1v1 and 2v1 situations which then build up into 4v4 game. The practice is suitable for almost every age group and level of players.

Set-Up and Directions

Organise a pitch of approximately 30×40 yards with one goal on each end. Divide the players into two groups and position them next to the goals. Organise one goalkeeper in each goal. Provide a Continue reading Overloads and Underloads Game

Continuous 2v1 to Develop Anaerobic Endurance

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is focused on developing dribbling and decision-making skills altogether with Anaerobic Endurance. Games containing 2v1 scenarios can be used as a progression to 1v1 situations. That places additional demand on players: decision making – dribble or pass? The organisation of this practice allows players to develop physical component of Anaerobic Endurance. That ability is responsible for producing high quality (speed and strength) actions throughout the whole match.

Set up and directions:
Set up a rectangle of 30×15 m., divide it into three areas as shown on the diagram. Organise the team into groups of two players. On one rectangle, there should be three pairs practicing. Two pairs start on the cones opposite to each other, while third pair stays in the middle: each player between two middle cones. There is one ball needed for a group, however, additional balls should be ready around the area.


The game starts on the first touch of the player with the ball – he can either Continue reading Continuous 2v1 to Develop Anaerobic Endurance