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    Dick Fowler

    Good drill but I might add that static streaching is not only obsolete but now has been proven medically to create more injuries rather than prevent them. Muscles hold the bones together and like a rubber band once streached to their limit do not return to their normal shape. The tingling and burning sensations one feels are actually micro fibers of muscle being torn. Now, in ‘E’ and up license classes they advise against their use. The pro’s such as the Dynamo no longer use them at practice or prior to games.

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    Hi Dick, how are you?
    Your point is well taken and I certainly agree to some extent. However as you may see, I said incorporate dynamic (not static) stretching.
    Thanks for the input though. I am glad you like the activity

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    Hi Dear
    I am a student of physical education majors.
    Since I love coaching and I had a good time to act.
    And since my goal is great coach.
    This will help me reach that goal
    Thank you very much …
    Loving You:NAVID Nikbakht

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    I would love two get the drills in videos course the will be help full and easy to understand


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