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The Ultimate Pre-Season Conditioning Workouts

Don't leave it until it's too late.  The conditioning you do with your team during the pre-season workouts, will form a base of fitness that will last them the entire season.  We've put together 8 weeks of conditioning workouts that you can do with a ball as part of your pre-season training sessions...and you can get it for a budget busting price of just $9.95.

Here is what you will gain from this guide:

  • Eight weeks of conditioning workouts that you can incorporate into your pre-season training sessions
  • Drills that will improve endurance and base fitness
  • Drills that will improve anaerobic endurance and power
  • Drills that will improve speed and agility
  • All drills are with a ball, so no wasting time with long runs or shuttle sprints
  • You will end up with a team of fit and motivated players who are eager to get going with the season
  • Drills and exercises for defending, possession and attacking that also work on conditioning

Conditioning is a vital part of training, no question, especially the pre-season. But too often you have to make the choice between working on fitness or technique and tactics. Well, now you don’t have to because our Pre-Season Conditioning eBook provides you with tons of conditioning drills that are all done with a ball.

“No longer will you have to waste 10-15 minutes of training sessions working on fitness. Instead you can use this time to work on improving technical skills, and gain a double whammy of benefits from every drill”.

Don't even think about it.  Get your copy now and make this your best pre-season EVER!

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Pre-Season Conditioning

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