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Stop Running Laps and Sprints

Get Your Team Into Shape with Drills Using a Ball

This book is overloaded with drills that will get your players into shape while also improving their technical and tactical skills. Don't waste time with players standing in lines or running aimlessly around cones. Instead, use these conditioning drills that are all performed with a ball at your players’ feet.

Here is what you will gain from this guide:

  • The reason why top pro coaches like Mourinho and Guardiola condition their players with global training
  • Learn how to win the ball back quickly like Klopp and Liverpool while also getting your players in great shape
  • ​Improve agility and endurance while working on the first touch
  • Create a team of 1v1 winners that have the conditioning to outlast opponents
  • How to set up attacking drills that will also improve speed and endurance
  • How to set up drills that will condition your players without them realizing they are conditioning
  • Drills and exercises for defending, possession and attacking that also work on conditioning

Deciding whether to work on fitness or technique is a never ending dilemma. Should you focus on improving ball control, dribbling, or even team tactics? Or is this a waste of time if they don’t have enough gas in the tank to last a full game? Well, with the drills in this book you need never have to make that choice again.

WORLD CLASS COACHING Soccer Conditioning is a compilation of the best conditioning drills handpicked from WORLD CLASS COACHING’s vast library. This special book is packed with exercises which will improve technique, tactics and fitness at the same time, just like the top pro coaches do.

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