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Improve your players’ fitness and technical ability at the same time with this compilation of highly effective conditioning drills performed with a ball

Now this is comprehensive! Soccer Conditioning with a Ball is a special book overloaded with drills that will boost your players’ fitness while also improving their ball control, first touch, defensive footwork and every other core skill your team needs for success. No more will players waste time standing in lines or running aimlessly around cones, because these conditioning drills are all performed with a ball at your players’ feet.


Dear Coach,

Deciding whether to work on fitness or technique is a never ending dilemma. Should you focus on improving ball control, dribbling and other core skills? Or is improving your players’ technical ability a waste of time if they don’t have enough gas in the tank to last a full game? Well, with the drills in this book you need never have to make that choice again.

Soccer Conditioning with a Ball is a compilation of the best conditioning drills handpicked from WORLD CLASS COACHING’s vast library. This special book is packed with over 20 exercises which will improve technique and fitness at the same time, covering every core skill and position. This includes dynamic first touch drills with sprint dribbling; high intensity conditioning circuits; 1v1 small sided anaerobic exercises; pattern plays that replicate real game scenarios and much more.


In addition, Soccer Conditioning with a Ball also features ‘soccer science’ articles on the latest sports science research on modern conditioning coaching techniques. So along with a wide ranging compilation of conditioning drills, you can also expand your own knowledge with insights into plyometric and high intensity interval training and how it can be used to get bigger benefits from every coaching session.

“No longer will you have to waste 10-15 minutes of training sessions working on fitness. Instead you can use this time to work on improving technical skills, and gain a double whammy of benefits from every drill”

The pace of modern soccer has rocketed in recent years. Players can run up to 10km per game, which is the same as running across 350 basketball courts or running a marathon every four games. Despite these vast distances covered every game, players need to continue passing accurately, defending tightly and shooting accurately for the full 90 minutes.

While fitness and conditioning gets a lot of attention at the start of the season, this focus can wane as the season progresses. Instead, more time is spent on technical areas where the team’s weaknesses have become exposed But this means that, whilst technical ability might improve, players can get tired earlier in games, leading to mistakes and games being lost in the final phases of the game.


With the rapid pace of the modern game, many leading coaches are turning to conditioning training exercises which also include technical elements. Instead of being sent to run around cones, players are set performing high intensity circuit exercises which improve both their fitness and technique. Soccer Conditioning with a Ball presents you with the drills used by these coaches, which enable them to train teams to build muscles, gain higher stamina and advances in technique all at the same time.

“A compilation of the very best conditioning drills from WORLD CLASS COACHING’s vast library”

Soccer Conditioning with a Ball comprises of a compilation of drills handpicked from the many coaching guides produced by WORLD CLASS COACHING. All of the drills have been carefully selected to provide a variety of exercises which can improve your team in multiple core skills and positions. This includes heading and backpedalling drills for defenders, passing and dribbling for midfielders and finishing drills for forwards. The result is that this book can be used to set different drills for different groups of players in each training session, and enable them to improve their fitness, technique and position specific skills all at the same time.

WORLD CLASS COACHING’s library contains literally hundreds of books, eBooks and videos. Our drills are used by over 60,000 coaches all over the world, so you can be assured that the drills in Soccer Conditioning with a Ball will be highly effective and will enable you to gain big improvements in multiple areas in every coaching session.

What’s covered in Soccer Conditioning with a Ball

Soccer Conditioning with a Ball features over 20 conditioning drills, all of which are performed with the ball at the players’ feet. What’s more, the drills have been carefully selected for specific positions and for improving particular physical characteristics. This includes plyometric drills for improving muscle strength and short sprints for gaining explosive changes in pace.

All the drills have detailed explanations on how they are performed along with diagrams on team setup and coaching points for progressing each drill’s intensity or challenge. Some of the drills covered include:

  • Pattern play drills which rehearse real game situations and incorporate phases of play
  • Drills to reduce poor defensive clearances from poor heading and backpedalling
  • 4 v 2 possession games in small areas
  • 3 v 3 anaerobic endurance drills to improve group defending
  • Cardiovascular interval training to help players maintain their technique over the full 90 minutes
  • Dynamic first touches into space, combined with speed dribbling and sprinting
  • Pressure, cover and balance in defense combined with conditioning
  • Drills to improve quick recovery if the ball is lost in the final third and you need to get your team back defending
  • On the ball shooting exercises which eliminate the need to have players in long lines
  • Soccer science articles on the effects of plyometric training and high intensity interval training


Every position, skill and technique is covered. This makes Soccer Conditioning with a Ball one of WORLD CLASS COACHING’s most wide ranging and comprehensive guides on how to gain bigger improvements in multiple areas in every position all over the pitch.

What you will gain from Soccer Conditioning with a Ball

The game of soccer isn’t a marathon. It’s evolved into becoming a rapid series of short, fast sprints. This means that sending players running around cones to improve their fitness isn’t going to adequately prepare their muscles, lungs or mind for the physical nature of the modern game. At the same time, why sacrifice 10-15 minutes of every session on fitness when you could be combining this with technical drills which enable you to gain bigger improvements in every session?

  • Soccer Conditioning with a Ball provides all the drills you need to improve the conditioning and technique of your players at the same time. From this book you will gain:Over 20 soccer conditioning drills performed with a ball
  • Soccer science articles that will enrich your coaching knowledge with the latest insights on plyometric and high intensity training
  • Defensive improvements include better shielding of the ball, better defensive heading and quicker recoveries when the ball is lost in the opponent’s final third
  • Midfielders will improve their passing, quick sprints and dribbling agility
  • Forwards will be able to make quicker turns, sprints into the box and more accurate finishing
  • All the technical improvements are supported by better conditioning, enabling players to perform at their optimum level until the final whistle
  • You will gain extra time through not having to coach fitness and technique separately and by allowing players to be using the ball instead of waiting in lines
  • More time spent on conditioning will help to develop strong limbs, flexible joints and high levels of fitness to enable players to keep playing at the highest level for the whole game.    
  • Improved conditioning means players will be less likely to get injured and will remain fit and healthy for the whole season.
  • Your players will not miss having to run around cones yet will love being able to get more time on the ball in every session


Whether you coach youth teams, amateur sides or at an elite club, players at every level require drills which improve their core technical skills. At the same time, they also need the conditioning to perform improvements in technique for the full 90 minutes. This makes Soccer Conditioning with a Ball a valuable addition to any coach’s library. It will invigorate training sessions, with more time spent on the ball, with eliminate the time wasted with players waiting in lines and will help to advance your team in multiple areas faster than conventional isolated drills.

100% ‘no quibbles’ 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. We wouldn’t be offering Soccer Conditioning with a Ball unless it achieves our exceptionally high standards. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Soccer Conditioning with a Ball after six months of implementing its drills and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund.


“Why waste time with your players standing in lines when they could be honing their skills and improving their fitness with the ball at their feet”

There’s no question that that the modern game is more physically demanding than it’s ever been. The rise of fast paced counter attacking soccer means that players are expected to run further and perform with higher technique for the full 90 minutes. This means that approaches to coaching have to update with it. Instead of repetitive drills focused on one technique, players need to be trained in both technique and fitness at the same time.

Soccer Conditioning with a Ball provides a complete guide to the drills needed for coaching in the modern game. Carefully selected from WORLD CLASS COACHING’s extensive resources and database of drills, the exercises in this book provide a complete selection for improving players in multiple skills and advancing their conditioning at the same time.

So if you find your players failing to complete passes, make tackles and shoot accurately in the final phases of the game, Soccer Conditioning with a Ball may be the perfect guide you need. It provides you with drills that will keep your players running for longer and performing effectively so you can gain the winning advantage when the opposition begins to tire.

Best Wishes,

Mike Saif

P.S. Soccer Conditioning with a Ball provides a wealth of drills for improving your players’ technique and fitness at the same time. No longer will you waste time sending players running around cones or waiting in lines. Instead you’ll be able to improve your players’ technique along with the endurance so you can gain a crucial advantage in the final phases of the game.

P.P.S If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the soccer coaching resources in Soccer Conditioning with a Ball after six months then we will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

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