Improving the 10 Types of Speed

Improving the 10-Types of Speed
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Everyone wants to improve their speed. Just Google “Improving Your Speed” and you will get 116,000,000 hits in .30 seconds! Now that’s SPEED! But seriously, how do we take elite sprinters, volleyball players, soccer players, baseball players, football players and all other athletes, each different and unique in their genetic potential as well as within the requirements of their sport, and IMPROVE THEIR SPEED?

In this eBook, we will break down each component of “SPEED”, and then outline how that component allows a player to become fast, quick or explosive. Then we will offer exercises or drills that should help enhance that particular area. This eBook should increase your knowledge of speed, your exercise bank of drill work, and the speed of your athletes. I will also attempt to help you identify specific weaknesses in your athletes. Once you reach a greater understanding of all the components of speed, agility and quickness you can become selective in how you implement various protocols into your workouts. So let’s get started!