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1v1 Recovery Runs

By Daniel Severn

This week’s exercise can be used as a technical warm-up or as the main technical focus of the session. Ideally you will use 4-6 players for this exercise but could add more to a group if necessary. The exercise will be performed at a high tempo and help to develop dribbling, first touch, and sharp changes of direction.

Set Up and Directions
The exercise is set up as shown below, showing one player with a ball, one waiting behind him and two players at the opposite end.


The player with the ball begins the play by dribbling the ball across towards Continue reading 1v1 Recovery Runs

Technical Conditioning With a Ball

Today’s article is from Dr. Mouwafak Majeed Mola of the Aspire Academy, Qatar.

Players distribute as in the figure and each group met a second group with a ball and separates by a distance of 10-20 yards according to the age and efficiency of the players.

1st activity:

1-Player1 passes to player2 and sprint the middle distance(75% effort) To end up behind the other group.

2- Player 2 receives the ball behind the line and executes fast dribble all the Continue reading Technical Conditioning With a Ball