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Rondos with Explosive Power

By Alex Trukan

This practice is designed to improve players’ ability to recover between high intensity actions in a most efficient way. This will allow players to sustain the quality (speed and strength) of their actions for longer throughout the game. These physical outcomes are achieved in a highly technically demanding game containing a lot of crossing and finishing. Small amount of players on each side ensure high intensity and engagement of the players.

Set Up and Directions

Organise a pitch of 25 x 20 yards with three zones – two wide zones (5 yards wide each) and central zone (15 yards wide). Set up two goals on the opposite ends as shown on the diagram below. Divide the group into two teams of three. Set the goalkeepers in goals. Prepare a sufficient supply of balls to ensure flow of the practice.


The practice starts with a goalkeeper passing to any of the teams. After this, the aim of the team in possession is to make 3 consecutive passes. This should be completed in the middle part of the pitch.


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As soon as the 3 passes are made, the ball can be played into one of the wide areas to the player making a movement there (max. two attacking players can be in one wide area). Only one defender can tackle in wide area.


The attacking team can have only three entries into wide areas per attack what will encourage quicker turn overs of possession and more crosses. The ball can be delivered both aerially and on the ground.


As the wide player is about to deliver the ball, the other players should look to make explosive forward movements to finish. If the ball goes out for a corner, it is restarted from the opposite goalkeeper (no corners).



The practice should last 1-3 minutes and be repeated 6-10 times in 2 series. Rest between repetitions should be 1-3 minutes and between series, 4 minutes.


  • 4v4/3v3+1
  • Max. 2 entries into wide areas before a finish
  • Min. 2 passes before the ball can be played wide

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest


Possession Game to Develop Aerobic Power

By Alex Trukan

The following practice is aimed at developing the ability to sustain many actions throughout the whole match. In example, that will enable players to produce the same amount of sprints in the first as well as last 15 minutes of the game. In addition, that is achieved in possession game, what increases the motivation of the players and links physical focus with technical and tactical content.

Set up and directions:
Set up a square of 30-40 m. depending on the ability as well as number of players. Organise min. 6 little gates in the middle of the square as shown on the diagram. Divide the group into two teams of 5 players. To score a point, a team should pass the ball through a small gate. The team with more points wins the game.


Method of scoring points in this exercise requires constant support in front and in behind the ball. After single point is scored, the gameContinue reading