Overlapping Runs with Aerobic Power

Jebreel Bubtana

This is a great exercise to teach your team how to make overlapping runs and work on their aerobic power.

Set up the field as shown below in figure 1, with two feeders and three others who will be working and overlapping.


The feeder at the top of the diagram starts with the ball. As one of the players starts to

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Speed and Agility Circuit with the Ball

By Jebreel Bubtana

Improving your player’s speed and agility will help them get to the ball just ahead of their opponent, so working on this is something that every coach should be doing.

Set up the field as shown below (figure 1).


Each stage of the circuit is broken down as below:

  1. The players must run by placing both feet

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1st Touch Square

By Jebreel Bubtana

This exercise will work on your player’s 1st touch at different heights, progressing from being easy to control the ball at the start to being more challenging and working more on anaerobic fitness as well as 1st touch.

Set up the field as shown below in figure 1, with a 4×4 yard square and three players per group.


The player in the middle receives the ball from either of the players on the outside of the square. They receive the ball from the feeder and have

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Developing Anaerobic Fitness Using Sprints

By Jebreel Bubtana

This exercise will work on the anaerobic fitness of your players in a fun and competitive environment. As soccer involves a lot of short sprints, this exercise will focus on this.

Set up the field as shown below with two cones 8 yards apart. You can set up multiple areas so that your whole team can work on this, with two players per area facing each other in the middle between the two cones (figure 1).


The players will give themselves a letter, A or B. A’s will start by

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Dribbling Races For Fitness

By Jebreel Bubtana

As always, making fitness exercises fun and adding an element of competition will make your players psychologically more willing to work hard, which will help to develop their fitness. The exercise below will try to do that.

Set up and instructions:

Split your squad into two teams and set up the field as shown below in figure 1.


The first player in each line will now dribble in and out of the cones in the direction as shown by the arrows. When they reach the end cone they

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Speed Off the Mark and Finishing

By Alex Trukan

The exercise is focused on developing speed off the mark and finishing skills. Short distance speed is required to lose tight marking, win short distance duel or be the first player to shoot from the cross. Therefore, this fitness component is integrated with finishing skills.

Set up and directions
Divide players into two groups and organise them as on the diagram below. One group of players should be placed on the cone in front of the goal, second group of players, on the cone situated on the side of the penalty box. This exercise, ideally needs to be done with 4-6 players and a goalkeeper. That is why, it is suitable for small group training. However, if two independent goals are used, this practice can be also suitable for bigger groups.


First player from the attacking group makes a quick slalom between two mannequins. Shape and direction of runs can be

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