The Michigan Drill

By Matt Carroll –

This is a common football conditioning drill that has been adapted to utilize soccer specific elements so that there is a level of technical work that is included on top of the conditioning work. To set up the drill coaches should start at a corner flag and put a new cone every 5 feet on one touchline until half. On the opposite touchline they should place a cone that is in the identical spot to a cone on the other side. It may help to color code these so every other cone is a different cone.

Have players line up at the corner flag with a ball. On the coach’s direction the first player begins to sprint with the ball towards the opposite touchline. When they get about halfway the next player can go.

Once the players reach the cone they should roll the ball over with the sole of their foot until they reach the next cone. They then alternate feet, again with the sole, rolling the ball backwards, and backpedaling, until they reach the next cone. Once they reach the cone on the near touchline they again roll the ball over to the next cone and then sprint. Repeating until they have completed every line.

By Matt Carroll

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