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Reverse 1 v 1’s

By Alex Trukan

This practice is designed to improve the quality of high intensity actions, developing speed and power to accelerate. It is relevant for all the positions, in particular, defenders (e.g. accelerating towards the ball played in behind) or strikers (e.g. getting away from defender). It has also a technical element of turning as well as shooting. For the players it is highly engaging and fun game that develops them physically, psychologically as well as technically.

Set up and Directions

Position two goals with the back to each other, 5 yards apart. Organise goalkeepers into goals. Divide the team into two groups, and set them next to the Continue reading Reverse 1 v 1’s

2v2+2 End Line Game

By Alex Trukan

The 2v2+2 game is designed to develop anaerobic power altogether with dribbling and ball control skills. Relatively small space and constant pressure requires the players in possession to look for space and adjust by quick movement with and without the ball.

Set up and directions
Organise a rectangle of approximately 15×20 m. Divide the team into three teams of two. Two teams play in the middle area and two remaining players are positioned one on each side as shown on the diagram. The aim of the team in possession is to dribble through the opposite end line, which is defended by the other team.


The game starts by coach playing the ball into attacking team, which tries to Continue reading 2v2+2 End Line Game

1v2 Transition Conditioning Practice

By Alex Trukan

Transition from attack to defense is regarded as an essential component of every practice by many professional coaches. This exercise includes this phase both in the attack-defense and defense-attack versions. Moreover, physical demand placed on players develops power to accelerate, which can be used to exploit unbalance in the oppositions’ defense.

Set up and directions
Organize a rectangle of approximately 30×40 m. with one goal on each end. The size of double penalty areas can be also used. Set-up four different stations. Divide players into groups of 3/4 on each station. Coach’s position as shown on the diagram. Each player from the bottom right group needs a ball. Moreover, min. 6 balls should be placed by the top right station.


The practice starts with the first player from the bottom right group playing a ball to Continue reading 1v2 Transition Conditioning Practice

3v2 Game with Aerobic Power

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is focused on developing aerobic power in 3v2 transition scenario. The aim from the physical point of view is to improve players’ power to recover, what in turn leads to producing more actions throughout the whole match. Dynamic counter-attack scenario ensures maximal concentration and commitment.

Set up and directions:
Set up two full sized goals 50-60 m. apart. Divide the team into attackers and defenders and further divide attackers into two groups (one starting behind the goal and one in the middle of the pitch). Two goalkeepers should be positioned in goals. Organize min. 8-10 balls in the goal positioned on half-way line.


The game starts with the goalkeeper (in the goal on the half-way line) playing the ball into striker. At the same time, two Continue reading 3v2 Game with Aerobic Power

Shooting In Transition Practice

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is based on transition phase from attack to defense. Ability to prevent counter-attack recently became more important with the teams scoring more goals from the counter-attacks and quick attacks. In this practice, that is connected with shooting and running with the ball content to develop technical corner and anaerobic power from physical point of view.

Set up and directions:
Organize two full-sized goals 40-50 meters apart from each other. Set up two gates and divide the team into two groups as shown on diagram. Each player needs one ball. Goalkeepers should be positioned in goals.


The practice starts with the first player from one group dribbling towards the opposite goal. His aim is to Continue reading Shooting In Transition Practice

Running With the Ball and Shooting to Develop Anaerobic Power

By Alex Trukan

The exercise is focused on improving anaerobic power in counter-attack scenario. This physical component is required to produce actions on high speed and strength. One of the examples of such scenario include 1v1 against the goalkeeper with a defender chasing from the back. Simple organisation and competitiveness of this practice makes it easy to understand and engaging.

Set up and directions:
Set up cones as on diagram. Organize two groups: attackers and defenders. First attacker starts between two red markers. All defenders have one ball each. Goalkeeper is positioned in the goal. Allow relatively big space to run with the ball (depending on players’ characteristics).


The practice starts with the first defender playing the ball to attacker positioned between Continue reading Running With the Ball and Shooting to Develop Anaerobic Power