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    Looks like a fun drill that can keep moving at a good pace. I just started incorporating ladders in my circuits and our U10 girls team loves it. I will definitely add this to the repertoire. Great stuff!!!

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    Leo valles

    Great drill , I use ladders with my U12 boys. Keeps them very active. And gives me great results Playing championship game on may 16 El campo soccer league. Tx. Thanks

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    m m mola

    this is not real shooting drill> This is not real soccer Training. I will never including these marks and coins and ladders in side the training Area, these Tools should be outside the training area.I am Sorry this is my Philosophy.

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    Wedson Nyirenda

    I like it. Having fun while working on many aspects.

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    This does not represent real life match and therefore no game resistance. Otherwise known as the isolated approach because it removes realism out of a real game situation.


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