1v1 Speed Reaction

By Anthony Hazelwood

The following activity has a 15 yd. x 15 yd. playing area where two teams split up and form a single file line located at the sides of the grid. On the coach’s signal, the first player from each line will sprint to the cone located at the middle of the grid. Once there, the coach will call out a color. Once the color is called, players must react and sprint through the corresponding colored gates. First player to reach and pass the gates wins. These types of activities are great for athletic speed development. Rest times should be extensive as to completely recover for the next round. It’s important that each sprint is done maximally — proper rest between sprints is important.

When preparing the activity, if needed, concentration and difficulty levels may be increased by having players execute something extra unique by setting more restrictions. Every activity may be modified, and it is up to the coach to be creative. However, it is important to respect the parameters of the exercise time, the rest, the types of actions used and the weekly periodization of the activity.

Additionally, it is beneficial to train a soccer team and its players with all the elements of the game is present in the session. By doing so, it will promote soccer specific adaptations to the player’s body, mind, and emotional triad. Ultimately, these adjustments will enhance their real-time game performances on a physical, emotional, conscious, and subconscious mental level.

Area Size: 15 yd. x 15 yd.
Total Activity Time: 10 minutes.
Sets: 1.
Number of Repetitions: 10
Recovery Interval Time between reps: 1:8.
Intensity: High.

• Tactical: Decision Making to cone gates.
• Fitness: Maintain high intense corporal actions.
• Technique: Proper fitness and off/on the ball execution/techniques.
• Mental-Emotional: Players fully engaged and concentration is high.
• Concentration Level: High.

• Create a 15 x 15-yard grid with pairs of cones on each sided.

• Place a cone in the middle of grid — Create two teams of eight team and place them in a single file line at sides (blue cones).

• On coach’s whistle, first player from each line will sprint to the middle cone.

• Once there, players will be on toes and coach will yell out a color.


• Once completed, players return to their lines and wait their turns.

Activity Progression:
• Play with a soccer ball.
• Blue coned gates are in play.

Coaching Points:
• High intensity.
• Proper technique and Proper Exercise Movement.

By Anthony Hazelwood

Coach Anthony is a USSF “A” licensed coach with an M.S. in Sports Training and Nutrition and a B.S. in Physical Education. Currently, he is an Assistant and Sports Performance coach with the Miami FC. He has previous European youth academy coaching experience as a soccer fitness and strength/conditioning assistant coach with Levante U.D. and Getafe SAD in Valencia and Madrid, Spain.

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