Crazy 1v1s

By Philip Cauchi

Title:  1v1s all over the place.

Area of practice: 20 yards by 20 yards.

Number of players: Eight players grouped into four pairs.

Workload:  2 sets of 6 repetitions x 30 seconds each repetition with a 90 seconds rest between repetitions and three minutes rest between sets.

Description of the practice:

The practice starts by having each pair passing the ball back and forth between them.  The coach then calls each pair individually (pairs are identified with letters such as group A, group B, etc.) and the mini goal post they have to attack and defend.  The player on the ball will immediately try to score in the assigned goal why the defender aims to recover the ball and score in the same goal.

Key points:

  • The players should be aware of their position in relation to their assigned goal immediately after it is indicated by the coach. 
  • The player on the ball should immediately take the initiative to attack the goal before the defender can recover. 
  • The attacker should use fakes to shake off the defender as well as quick changes of speed and direction with the ball. 
  • The defender should get between the goal and the player with the ball and force him wide into a narrow angle.

The practice starts by having the players grouped into pairs and passing the ball back and forth to each other.

The coach calls out a group and the goal post they have to attack or defend.

Each pair is finally assigned a goal to attack or defend.  Each repetition continues approximately for thirty seconds.  After each repetition, the coach calls out a new goal for each group to attack or defend.

By Philip Cauchi

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